Time running out for The Halcyon

Just two more episodes of UK drama The Halcyon remain on ABC, bringing the short-lived drama to a close.

ITV axed the series in March after just 8 episodes, including with a cliffhanger that will remain unresolved.

But production company Left Bank is still hoping to find a new home.

Producer Chris Croucher told RadioTimes, “Andy Harries, [CEO] at Left Bank hopes that there might be somewhere else that we could go.

“Nothing is confirmed at the moment. I believe he is trying.

“It’s difficult with timeframes, because actually our option period on the actors is about to run out, and we have our beautiful hotel standing in West London, and every week that’s costing us and that adds up.

“So I think a decision would need to be made very quickly.”

The original plan was for five seasons.

“I think with any of these things, you always hope that it could continue,” Croucher explains.

“Our plan was to see if we could do a five-year series, with each series being another year of the war. We had storylines for the entire second series and we actually had two scripts ready to go.”


  1. Maev....Sydney

    OMG …I am so enjoying this series…Love everything about it….I was not going to watch because the end was left hanging…but, once I dipped my toe in …I was hooked…I so hope they can do a Place to Call Home type revival…look where that went….

  2. Production values are high in this series, great acting, good direction and fabulous recreation of the period and although I have enjoyed watching the Halcyon for some reason it just misses out. It must be the scripts. Not a lot happens. I pray for the day when the Brits stop making series set in WW2. They are obsessed with it and there have been far too many set during that period.

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