Twin Peaks bigger on digital than broadcast

So how did Twin Peaks perform in Australia & overseas?

So how did Twin Peaks perform for Stan?

Alas, the Streaming service declined to supply any Australian numbers from its premiere last Monday (including divulging to its own partner, Fairfax Media).

In the US Showtime drew 506,000 for the premiere broadcast, lower than HBO’s The Leftovers (770,000) and Silicon Valley (844,000) in the same time slots.

Some media noted the contrast with the original show’s 34 million viewers in 1990. But such comparisons are unfair given so many changes in the way we watch TV.

Since the premiere Deadline reports the audience total has grown to 804,000 viewers in Live +3 Day viewing.

But over 75 percent of the network’s audience watches their original programming on delay, which the total for the two-part premiere to 1.7 million across platforms, including streaming and on demand.

Showtime also enjoyed a record number of signups, by offering episodes 3-4, the single biggest day and weekend of signups ever.

“In the world that we live in now, offering original programming that attracts new subscribers is our primary business objective,” said David Nevins, Showtime’s chief executive, via a statement. “By that standard, the Twin Peaks premiere is the biggest single-night driver we’ve ever had.”

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  1. I have yet to view episode one, just for curiosity, because I don’t handle eccentric art house productions too well, but I would suggest that despite the hype and distance of time this is a 80’s-90’s show and will not likely attract that many new generation viewers, any continued popularity will be for masochists and older ‘Twin Peaks’ devotees only.

  2. David I find this site very good for reporting on-demand figures: parrotanalytics.com/news/top-10-most-in-demand-shows-in-the-us-may-21-may-27-2017

    Where it has Twin Peaks at 23,793,025 for the week of May 21st to May27th.

  3. Be interesting to see how it fares in US Showtime’s Live+7 numbers, and what happens with future eps. In the past, other big sunday night launches on cable have gotten quite a lift at the end of the week, from people holding off to see what the buzz was like before catching up on Fri/Sat night.

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