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ABC journalist Mark Colvin, who had a long career on ABC Radio and Television, has died.

ABC journalist Mark Colvin, who had a long career on ABC Radio and Television, has died aged 65.

He died following a long illness.

He is best known for ABC Radio current affairs program PM, known for his formidable intellect, sharp wit and absolute integrity.

ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie said: “For many Australians, Mark’s steady and measured voice as host of PM brought them the essential news of the day and kept them informed about events of national and international importance.

“We will miss him enormously, and extend our thoughts to his family and friends.”

Director, News Gaven Morris said: “Mark was one of Australia’s finest journalists. He leaves an unfillable void as a journalist, a colleague and a friend.

“He was an important part of the ABC community as a mentor and teacher to young reporters and as a voice of wisdom and experience to many older ones. Our reporters and producers felt strengthened by his presence in the newsroom and emboldened by the sound of his voice on our airwaves.”

Colvin joined ABC in as a cadet in February 1974 and presenting news on 2JJ. Moving to TV, he became one of the first reporters (along with Jenny Brockie, Paul Murphy and Andrew Olle) on Nationwide. Foreign correspondent appointments followed in London and Brussels, covering the American hostage crisis in Tehran, the lifting of the Iron Curtain and broadcasting live from the history-making Reagan-Gorbachev summits in Geneva and Reykjavik.

From 1988 to 1992, Mark was a reporter for Four Corners, before being posted to London reporting for Foreign Correspondent, The 7.30 Report and Lateline.

In 1994, after a visit to Rwanda and Zaire, he was taken ill with a rare autoimmune system disease, which nearly took his life. Many months in hospital followed. He returned to Sydney in 1997 as ABC Radio’s PM presenter.

Statement from the family of Mark Colvin:

Today we lost our beloved Mark.

The family would like to thank the doctors and nurses at the Prince of Wales hospital, as well as the community, the ABC, his friends and colleagues, who have stood by him and supported his career and life.

At this moment of grief, we request the family be left to mourn in private.

Mark has asked that donations to the Prince of Wales Hospital Trust be made, in place of flowers.

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  1. Went into iview earlier and saw this….sad day….I am going to watch the 4 Corners ep. they have up…later today……Regards to those that were part of his life…

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