2.35m as Maroons claim Origin victory

Ratings: Origin was the only game in town on Wednesday, with a whopping 45.0% share for Nine.

Nine got what it wished for last night… a Queensland win in the second State of Origin -ensuring a bumper audience to come in the decider next month.

Origin was the only game in town last night with a cool 2.38m viewers, a lift on last month’s 2.35m, helping Nine to a whopping 45.0% network share. There were 1.05m viewers in Sydney alone and 762,000 in Brissy.

Against such competition MasterChef performed well with 761,000 viewers as the top entertainment show and Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell made a respectable return on 574,000.

Seven News and ACA were also winners.

Nine Network owned Wednesday with a 45.0% share then Seven 21.3%, TEN 15.0%, ABC 13.3% and SBS 5.4%.

Outside of Origin, Nine News was 1.00m and 956,000 in 4 cities, and A Current Affair was 854,000 in 4 cities, Hot Seat was 585,000 / 343,000. A True Story replay was 466,000 in 2 cities.

Seven News was 1.11m / 1.05m for Seven then Home and Away (690,000), The Chase (666,000 / 420,000), Border Security (488,000 / 436,000) and Criminal Minds (386,000 / 322,000).

MasterChef Australia (761,000) led for TEN followed by The Project (596,000 / 382,000), TEN Eyewitness News (480,000), Family Feud (374,000) and This is Us (328,000). A repeat of Hawaii Five-0 was 135,000.

ABC News (708,000), Mad as Hell (574,000), Anh’s Brush with Fame (546,000), 7:30 (543,000), Ronny Chieng: International Student (345,000), Grand Designs NZ (232,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (192,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Extreme Railway Journeys (255,000), Gypsy Kids: Our Secret World (174,000), SBS World News (128,000) and Fargo (87,000).

Shaun the Sheep again topped multichannel (205,000).

Today: 291,000
Sunrise: 276,000
News Breakfast: 99,000 / 56,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 21 June 2017

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  1. Hilarious return for Mad as Hell last night. In my view, this is far more superior than ‘Last Week Tonight’, for which I can’t even tolerate the commercials, with John Oliver just shouting at us.

  2. I was disappointed with the final episode of this is us last night. Whilst I realise that this is us is a show that is set in both the present and the past I feel that having the final episode set 99% in the past just didn’t do the first season justice. Whilst the episode in itself was ok it simply didn’t not feel like a final episode. I think in shows that have elements of past and present final episodes of a season should be set in the present.

      1. To me the 2nd last ep felt more like a final ep. I remember being surprised at seeing a promo for final ep thinking that felt like a final. I think that the final ep may have worked better as the opening ep of the second season if they cut the past scenes between rebecca and jack to half an ep and brought the present to the second half of the ep. Thought the jack scenes before he met rebecca went too long.

  3. I see ‘The Young Pope’ Finale didn’t earn enough viewers to warrant a mention… i really loved it.
    After the first episode i was like “What the hell is this?”… but thought i would give it a chance… and with ep’s 2/3 i was hooked. Such a hypnotic show.

  4. Pity about those figures for Ronny Chieng. Last night’s ep was hilarious. It makes me wonder why it wasn’t shown first, rather than the two weaker episodes. Hopefully the show can claw back some viewers.

    1. Yes, loved last night’s ep of International Student.Much better than the last two eps.
      The scenerio where Ronny was left in charge of the organic student co-op store was really funny.
      His look of absolute disgust when Mick was double-dipping and slopping the organic yoghurt everywhere was priceless.
      Guy who ran the co-op was such a deadsh*t…

    2. Sorry to say that I didn’t find the 15 min that I watched between Mad as Hell and Fargo amusing in the least. I found it corny and joining the dots from set-up to punchline was painfully obvious and about as funny as Bill Shorten’s zingers.

      I don’t necessarily mind sledgehammer humour but not when it’s swung so effetely.

    3. I have two issues with Ronny Chieng: last nights episode was almost a direct copy of an episode of Broad City with Ilana working in a food co-op on Abbi’s behalf. We also cant work out the timeline between episode 2 and 3 (not the pilot), the US guy shaved his head in episode 1 (bald) and next episode his hair is back to normal length. Aside from this, a cute little show!

    4. While it was amusing (mildly at best) I didn’t laugh once because I’d seen all the gags of note before, either in last episodes “next week tease” or in promos during the week.

      Then they did it again, showed me all the funny moments for next weeks episode. The tease should tease, not give away all your best material. Sadly I probably won’t watch next week because I feel I’ve already seen the best bits, and they weren’t that strong.

  5. MasterChef won its timeslot in Melbourne, impressive.

    Surprised State of Origin held on 2.3m.

    Thought it’d be a lot higher, considering Game 1 was a blowout.

    Nine will be hoping the deciding game is close, if not (like in 2015 when Maroons absolutely crushed), it’ll rate the lowest.

    Nine’s share was also down on Game 1, probably thanks to some competitiveness from Ten & the ABC.

      1. He’s referring to the pre-match which was 211k in Melbourne. I’ve checked, that ran until 8:10pm and then match kicked in. Given the grey area across the whole schedule you can see why I didn’t get into timeslot comparisons, and I would recommend that approach for last night.

        1. That’s fair, sorry. Oh to be back in the dats where shows ran 8.00-8.30pm for eg. Masterchef held up reasonably well given the circumstances but not sure I agree with Ten’s PR but its not like Networks don’t bend figures and stats slightly to suit whatever agenda they’re pushing.

          1. It’s probably the only significant statistic that Ten could make, given the competition.

            They’ve done it most years of State of Origin (i.e.) “MasterChef #1 in timeslot in Melbourne”, etc.

            (When it does occur, that is).

            David, it was from Network Ten (@Ten_Corporate) on Twitter.

            Yes, will take on board next time 🙂

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