50% more homes in Regional Australia ratings panel

As of yesterday Australia has 50% more homes in the regional ratings panel, lifting from 2,135 homes to 3,198 homes.

These have been distributed across across all Regional TAM markets, including the East Coast and regional Western Australia.

Tony Hogarth, Regional TAM Chair said increasing the core measurement service has been a priority for the Board: “Regional TAM is delighted that the panel expansion process is now complete, and that through this service enhancement it will continue to deliver accurate and transparent ratings results to advertisers and their agencies.”

“At a time when digital media and their self-reported metrics and measurement are being questioned, the Regional broadcasters’ commitment and investment to improve what is already a quality measurement service, demonstrates how serious we are about providing accountable industry leading data.”

Regional TAM data is independently audited by The Callaghan Institute.

All Regional TAM aggregate and their respective sub markets are now at the 50% increased panel size:

Queensland 812 homes (+277 homes)
Northern NSW 700 homes (+225 homes)
Southern NSW 570 homes (+190 homes)
Victoria 651 homes (+216 homes)
Tasmania 285 homes (+95 homes)
Western Australia 180 homes (+60 homes)

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  1. If only you could get the regional ratings as well as the metro ones to know how shows fair over the whole week. Now you have to pay money for some reason to get the regional ones.

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