Airdate: Broken

Sean Bean stars as a Catholic priest in a new UK drama by Jimmy McGovern.

Jimmy McGovern’s new drama series Broken begins on BBC First in early July.

The 6 part series stars Sean Bean as Father Michael Kerrigan, a Catholic priest presiding over a Northern urban parish.

It also features Anna Friel, Paula Malcomson, Adrian Dunbar, Aisling Loftus, Mark Stanley, Muna Otaru and Ned Dennehy.

This premiered in the UK last month.

Modern, maverick, and reassuringly flawed, Father Michael is a man who must be confidante, counsellor and confessor to a community struggling to reconcile its beliefs with the realities of daily life in contemporary Britain.

After mass, Father Michael meets Christina Fitzsimmons (Anna Friel), a mother of three who works at the local betting shop, and is saving money for her daughter’s First Communion. But when her attendance in Church sparks an unfortunate chain of events, she is left with no way to feed her children and keep a roof over their heads. Pushed to the edge when tragedy strikes, Christina makes a desperate plan to alleviate her situation. Will she go through with it, or can Father Michael – suspicious that all may not be as it seems – offer the family a lifeline?

Elsewhere, Father Michael visits his mother and brothers, sparking memories of his childhood, and revealing that he is a man with secret struggles of his own.

Sundays at 8.30pm from July 9 on BBC First.

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