Airdate: Common Sense

New series from Gogglebox producers begins in early July.

New Foxtel series Common Sense will debut on LifeStyle in early July.

The series, which does to workplaces what Gogglebox does for living rooms, will launch at 7.30pm Wednesdays July 5 on LifeStyle.

As another joint production for TEN, that likely puts its TEN premiere a night later, Thursday July 6 (to be confirmed).

Casting is yet to be unveiled.

Escaping the confines of the family sofa, and opinions on TV, the creators of Gogglebox are about to reveal what the country really thinks of the news. A cast of diverse friends and co-workers across our glorious nation comment freely on the week’s news, current affairs, and culture from their favourite meeting spots and places of work.

A refreshing glimpse of modern Australia, this format allows for accessible discussion around news and current affairs; away from heated studios and contrived vox pops on the street. Expect to be charmed as contributors deconstruct stories amongst themselves, working it out as they go along; sit back and enjoy quirky opinions, that make both ‘no sense at all’ and ‘total sense’ to the characters you’ll grow to know and love.

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