Airdate: Dr Karl’s Outrageous Acts Of Science

Discovery’s new local series Dr Karl’s Outrageous Acts Of Science begins tonight.

The 10 part series with experiments and viral videos includes comedians Tony Martin, Paul Verhoeven & Jen Carnovale.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is Australia’s undisputed King of Popular Science and Discovery Channel has joined forces with him for the brand new series, Dr Karl’s Outrageous Acts of Science. This ten-part Pop Science series uncovers the principles behind some seriously mind-boggling experiments, extraordinary inventions and jaw-dropping scientific stunts. Featuring viral videos from Australia and around the world, Dr Karl along with a team of experts and pop culture pundits will breakdown the science behind the experiments (and some misadventures) conducted by these self-appointed scientists. 

From self-experimenting human guinea pigs, nature obsessed natural born thrillers and the danger junkies of epic stunts, each episode will show you the definitive 20 to 1 with Dr Karl and the team explaining the what, how and why of the biology, physics, and chemistry that made these clips possible. Forget everything you thought you knew about science!

8.30pm tonight on Discovery Channel.


  1. Unfortunately, the show uses a similar 20-to-1 style format to that used in other Discovery and Nat Geo programming. It’s basically just a viral clip show with brief commentary from various talking heads. Something more akin to the format for “Science of Stupid” would have been better if they’re going to do a clip show (i.e. just Dr Karl doing the talking, and better explanations of the science at work). Or, put some thought into coming up with an original format. Dr Karl’s one of our great science educators and we’ve got a great history of TV science education here… this just looks like a wasted opportunity.

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