Airdate: Hell On Earth: The Rise & Fall Of Syria

Nat Geo premieres a feature-length documentary, as part of its screening in 172 countries.

Next week National Geographic premieres a feature-length documentary, Hell On Earth: The Rise & Fall Of Syria.

Screening in 172 countries, this is part of Nat Geo’s global rebranding, driven by an affirmation that “the more we understand the world, the more we understand ourselves.”

Premiering at Tribeca Film Festival in April, it’s an important documentary that does a stellar job explaining what’s going on in Syria, detangling the numerous scenarios that led to their civil war and dispelling the notion that the situation is too complicated for those not versed on the Middle East to understand. Academy Award nominated filmmaker and best-selling author Sebastian Junger and Emmy Award-winning producer Nick Quested untangle these complex issues and delve into the personal stories of survival and tragedy, as they have unprecedented access to an extended family attempting to flee Syria.

7.30pm Tuesday 13 June on National Geographic.

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