Airdate: Wasted

UK comedy Wasted will premiere next month on Syfy.

The series, which has been likened to Spaced Out, surrounds a series of old school friends getting stoned or drunk and includes an appearance by Sean Bean.

This premiered in the UK a year ago. There are 6 episodes all up.

This surreal slacker comedy set in West country village of Neston Berry, sees the return of Kent, after he fails to make it as a DJ, where he reunites with his school friends, Morpheus, Sarah and Alison.

They reside at ‘Stoned Henge’ a souvenir shop/tattoo parlour and have various aimless low-key adventures while trying to stave off boredom, which mostly involve getting drunk or smoking cannabis.

The twenty-something friends lives are changed forever by the appearance of Sean Bean, who plays Morpheus’ imaginary spirit guide, dressed as his role from Game of Thrones.

8:30pm Tuesday July 18 on Syfy

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