AWGIE Awards 2017: nominees

The Australian Writers Guild chooses their best scripts across the past 12 months of production.

Janet King, Deep Water, Rosehaven and Wentworth are amongst nominees for the 2017 AWGIE Awards.

Drama nominees in the annual Australian Writers Guild Awards were evenly spread across Free to Air and Pay TV broadcasters this year with ABC, SBS, Seven, TEN and Foxtel all recognised. The nominees, which are judged purely on members’ script alone, includes High Life, Seven’s Blue Murder sequel which is yet to air.

Stan landed a nod in the comedy category alongside ABC’s Rosehaven & Please Like Me.

Winners will be announced on Friday 25 August in Sydney.

TV and related categories:

Television – Series Or Miniseries (More Than 4 Hours Duration)
Janet King: ‘Playing Advantage’ – Greg Haddrick
Seven Types of Ambiguity: ‘Alex’ – Jacquelin Perske
The Wrong Girl: Episode 3 – Michael Lucas
Wentworth: ‘Seeing Red’ – Pete McTighe

Television – Telemovie Or Miniseries (Less Than 4 Hours Duration)
Deep Water – Kris Wyld and Kym Goldsworthy
High Life – Glen Dolman
Hoges: Part 1 – Keith Thompson

Television – Serial
Home and Away: Episode 6510 – Faith McKinnon
Neighbours: Episode 7414 – Sam Meikle
Neighbours: Episode 7477 – Sue Hore
Neighbours: Episode 7492 – Peter Mattessi

Comedy – Situation Or Narrative
No Activity: ‘Silent Night’ – Trent O’Donnell
Please Like Me: ‘Burrito Bowl’ – Josh Thomas, Thomas Ward and Liz Doran
Rosehaven: Episode 4 – Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola
Rosehaven: Episode 6 – Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola

Comedy – Sketch Or Light Entertainment
Fancy Boy: ‘Three Wishes’ – Declan Fay and Anne Edmonds with John Campbell, Stuart Daulman, Greg Larsen, Jonathan Schuster and Henry Stone
Sammy J’s Playground Politics – Sam McMillan and Chris McDonald with James Pender
Suspect Moustache: Episode 1 – Fabian Lapham

Children’s Television – P Classification (Preschool – Under 5 Years)
Digby Dragon: ‘Mungo’s Flight School’ – Tim Bain
Guess How Much I Love You: ‘Little White Fawn’ – Melanie Alexander
Hoot Hoot Go!: ‘Giggle Fangs is Too Good at Hoot and Seek’ – Wendy Hanna

Children’s Television – C Classification (Children’s – 5–14 Years)
Oh Yuck!: ‘Gastrov Flatulinsky’ – Timothy Lee
The Deep: ‘Beware the Sentinels’ – Thomas Duncan-Watt
The Deep: ‘Finn Comes Aboard’ – Rachel Spratt
The Skinners: ‘Carpathian Cook Book’ – David Witt

Counterfeit Cat: ‘Room of Panic’ – Tim Bain
Motown Magic: ‘My Girl’ – John Armstrong
Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong: ‘Adventures in Holo Sitting’ – Charlotte Rose Hamlyn
Winston Steinburger and Sir Dudley Ding Dong: ‘Happy Birthday Dear Dark Lord’ – Thomas Duncan-Watt

Documentary – Public Broadcast Or Exhibition
Paris or the Bush: ‘The Story of the Cods’ – Wayne Groom with Carolyn Bilsborow
Streets of Your Town: Episode 2 – Sally Aitken
The Panther Within – Edoardo Crismani

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