Big Bang is the new Big Bang on 7flix

7flix has become obsessed with The Big Bang Theory, breaking a new record for the most episodes in the shortest amount of time: a whopping 30 episodes in just 4 days.

Monday: 9 episodes
Tuesday: 7 episodes
Wednesday: 6 episodes
Friday: 7 episodes

When it was a Nine title, Seven execs previously branded the show “the most over played show on TV.”

This week Nine / 9GO! has played 4 episodes.

In 2012 when Seven stitched up a deal for replays, Director of Programming Angus Ross said, “It is a strategic acquisition — a one-two punch that strengthens our demographic position while weakening theirs.”

When 7flix launched last year it pledged a movie at 8:30pm every night.


  1. Like andrewb says 50 plus times a week here in Aust, lucky the actors got a pay rise as if you add in the other countries they’re probably getting about $1:00 per hour now a days vs goodness knows how much the Networks are getting for adverts during it. It’s little wonder actors go for Exec Producer credits in their contracts these days to get a bit more of the production company dollars.

  2. Must just be a 7Flix thing. They play the same movies (after midnight) all the time. Movies like “The Falcon Strikes Back”, Badman’s Territory”, “The Gay Falcon”, “5th Ave Girl”, “Time Served” and so on have been repeated basically once a week since at least July last year. I’m not exaggerating either… I’m a shift worker and it annoys the crap out of me…. The channel seems to be a waste of time, especially late at night. They should be some of Channel 44 shows. I’m guessing they would be cheap.

  3. So between all channels playing Big Bang – like The Comedy Channel – there’s 50+ episodes a week. Comedy went back to season 1 after end of season 8.

    Old Big Bangs does make for great background TV but there’s only so much you can leave it on and so many times you can see episodes before you get sick of it.

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    That’s just ridiculous. I know that Tomothyd has mentioned it a couple of times but I hadn’t noticed it myself because I removed 7flix from my guide when I saw that it was just showing crap.

    Future TBBT episodes:
    The Half-life of Hypocrisy
    The Audience Reaction
    The 7flix to Netflix Conversion
    The Advertiser Reduction
    The Decay of Television

  5. I believe 7 is hoping that too much of a good thing will turn viewers off BB completely and thus affecting 9. It can’t be helping JB’s sales of BB boxed sets. As for “flix”, there was one day recently when the only movies shown were 2 from pre-1940’s, presumably out of copyright.

  6. The reason why, is because 7flix is doing well in the key demos (thanks to Big Bang regularly ranking in the Top 5 multi-channel key demographics).

    Lots of movies are played over weekends.

    I do agree though, cut some Big Bang, overkill.

  7. Is that this week or next week? I ask because they played 9 episodes on Sunday night just gone, with the final four being a repeat of the first four.

  8. I’m watching less and less of this channel. Still waiting for Quantico. Agents of SHIELD has finished and HTGAWM has been relegated to very late on Tuesdays. OUAT is the only other show I watch. Do we really need hours of Big Bang 4 nights a week? Boring lazy programming!

  9. What I find frustrating is that they play three episodes, then immediately repeat them – as in episode 3 finishes, episode 1 begins again immediately after. What is the point of that?! I would actually keep watching if they were playing different ones!! It’s good for a late night chill out when I’m second screening and reading…

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