Cameras roll on The Wrong Girl season two

Production has begun on the second season of The Wrong Girl for TEN, picking up 6 months after the end of Season One.

Logie winners Jessica Marias and Rob Collins return with Hayley Magnus, Craig McLachlan, Ian Meadows, Kerry Armstrong, Madeleine West, Christie Whelan Browne, Hugo Johnstone-Burt, Doris Younane, Kevin Harrington, Ryan Shelton, Leah Vandenberg, Cecelia Peters, David Woods and Steve Vizard.

Hamish Blake is not returning as Breakfast Bar‘s own weather guy.

Jessica Marais said: “I’m so excited to be back filming the second series of The Wrong Girl. We are joined by some incredibly talented new faces and our favourites from series one. We have the most fantastic cast and crew and I look forward to bringing the colourful and charismatic Lily to life.”

Network Ten Head of Drama, Rick Maier, said: “Lily’s love life is once again turned upside down, as The Wrong Girl returns with a brand new season. With several fantastic new additions to this incredibly gifted cast, the world of The Breakfast Bar has never been more fun, chaotic or entertaining. Just when you think Lily’s life couldn’t get any more complicated, it does.”

Executive Producer, Playmaker, David Maher said: “We’re really looking forward to coming back to
work on The Wrong Girl with our amazing cast and crew, and delivering a second series that has even more playful, bittersweet and engaging moments than the first.”

It will air later this year.

At the end of season one, Lily Woodward (Jessica Marias) faced the biggest decision of her life, weighing up between leaving Melbourne to pursue love with Jack (Rob Collins) or staying behind to pursue her successful television career and stay close to Pete Barnett (Ian Meadows).

Season two of The Wrong Girl picks up six months on. Lily is living in New Zealand with Jack and focusing her energies on producing a documentary project, to limited success. She has found love, but finds herself at a crossroads, missing her best friend, family, work and, essentially, her old life and self.


  1. So happy they started, i tweeted just this week the wrong girl account asking them to tell us when the filming would start since all the other shows that would launch around the same time have started filming (survivor, Doctor doctor).
    I was looking at the screen australia funding and it was added also recently for season 2.

    Love that first season, it’s light, and you can ship whomever you want with Lily or with her brother…

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