Cast changes rumoured for Real Housewives

There is speculation today that two cast members from The Real Housewives of Sydney could be ditched if the show returns.

The Daily Telegraph quotes unnamed sources that tip Lisa Oldfield and Athena X will be culled, in the wake of the show being heavily criticised for being too extreme with its on-screen abuse.

Foxtel’s Brian Walsh has previously noted the bad language went too far.

“A lot of the women in this show were nasty for nasty’s sake and have no redeeming features.

“I particularly felt Lisa Oldfield and Athena X Levendi were driving their own agendas.”

Bravo Networks in the US refused to screen the series despite previously screening the Real Housewives of Melbourne.

A spokesman for the show said: “No decisions have been made as yet.”


  1. thedirtydigger

    this is all confected fake BS…why take anything seriously ? It’s the producers fault they pushed the narrative and the bad behaviour. How about investing in some decent programming Foxtel and ditch this junk diet ?
    I’m sure there are heaps of great Australian stories your viewers would rather see before switching off and going to Netflix and Stan… Gee it ain’t that difficult guys…

    • I agree, Victoria was the biggest bully out of all of them, from that first episode when she chucked Athena’s cape into the harbour. She is not a nice person and behaved appallingly through out the series…

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