Idle rumours again….

TEN's need for another franchise for 2018 sparks the latest rumour on an Idol revival.

Here’s one that does the rounds with regularity….

A report today speculates that TEN is mulling an Australian Idol revival.

The rumour comes via Triple M Grill Team’s entertainment reporter, ‘Supergrass.’

“I’ve got it on good authority that Channel TEN are giving serious consideration to a return of Australian Idol in 2018,” he said.

“The big name that they’re keen to re-sign as a judge is Kyle Sandilands, although Kyle is reluctant because as Channel 10 sacked him last time.”

Meanwhile Sandilands, who is currently aligned with 9GO!’s Meet the Hockers, indeed has nil interest.

“I couldn’t be bothered in all honesty, it was so boring doing it,” he said today.

A revival has been rumoured several times before, and this latest one follows American Idol‘s reboot after just a year off air.

With Biggest Loser off TEN’s calendar and the mammoth cost of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, TEN will surely be in need of another franchise for 2018.

In 2013 programmer Beverley McGarvey told TV Tonight, “I think it’s fairly obvious from our crowded schedule that we do miss our Idol days. It was the grandfather of those shows that are doing everywhere right now.

Idol was such a brand defining show with the Sydney Opera House finales, they were fantastic TV. It was sort of the beginning of Event Television for us.”

Source: News Corp

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  1. I hope TEN don’t bring back Australian Idol because remember what happened when they brought back So You Think You Can Dance. It did not rate well. Same when they brought back Young Talent Time. I’d rather they bring back The Biggest Loser. Or come up with something new.

  2. I don’t understand why TEN didn’t give Big Brother another go. Nine completely squandered the format with their conservativeness (being heavily censored even with a PG rating in a post 8.30pm timeslot, often to the point that entire confrontations/situations made absolutely no sense, no Up-Late, no Uncut, no live stream, sloppy editing and bad casting, both in terms of housemates and presenters).

    Big Brother has all the makings of a social media darling, yet it was axed shortly before the explosion of smart devices, and when it was brought back by Nine, they made absolutely no effort to capitalise on its social media presence.

  3. Channel 10 need to wake up and stop trying to revive franchises that are on their last legs, like Biggest Loser or reality singing shows. The cancellation of X-Factor, lower ratings for the Voice should be a wake up call it isn’t going to work. The smart choice would be to take a leaf out of the book of what they’ve already achieved with I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and do Celebrity Big Brother. Assuming they can get the rights (not like Channel 9 is doing anything with them). Celebrity Big Brother works quite well in the UK like I’m a Celeb and they can play it as a franchise later in the year. I’m a Celeb -> Masterchef -> The Bachelor -> Celebrity Big Brother -> The Bachelorette. At least revive a franchise that has been well rested and isn’t showing signs of fatigue in the markey. You’re welcome Channel Ten. 😉

  4. What I love about Idol, compared to the other singing shows, is it was more about the contestants than the judges. It wasn’t singers trying to get on judges teams or judge vs judge, it was a simple format of singing and then voting, week in, week out. I also felt like Idol actually showed us the contestants’ personalities more, both because of the pre-singing package and because we spent more time with them in the finals than say The Voice. That connection is important in establishing a career past the show. Now the talent shows are way overhyped and overproduced. Not to say Idol didn’t have its faults. I just hope if they choose to bring back Idol, they stick to its winning formula and don’t try to add any bells and whistles (but im sure they will)

    1. I agree with all your comments, Kirk. The Voice churns out the singers too quickly. No wonder, other than Karise, most of the other winners have not kept momentum after their respective year finished. Audiences have a better chance to connect to the singers on the X Factor, Idol format.

  5. Agree with choice of host. Get The Loop hosts to be in charge of the floor, bring back Marcia and then some relevant Australian and contemporary artists. No need for a big name like Katy Perry; I think audiences would favour Aussies as a point of difference.

  6. I they had a point of difference, it could work. Those would be, original format of two episodes. The second episode really could be 30 mins not 1hr. It was dragged out too long. Also, the focus should be on the contestants, rather than the judges like The Voice gets so wrong. Scott Tweedie could be the host, and the judges should be like Mark, Dicko, and Marcia, people who are experienced, and not necessarily known to the show’s target audience, as again, the show is about the contestants, not the judges.

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