Katy Perry to guest co-host Sunrise

In a coup for Sunrise Katy Perry will be a guest co-host later this month.

The singer will join David Koch and Sam Armytage, expanding on previous appearances which include outdoor concerts and even trying her hand at hosting the weather.

Sunrise Executive Producer, Michael Pell, said: “Katy Perry has a proud history with Sunrise. She’s done almost everything there is to do on the show. Everything except co-hosting it. We can’t wait to see what she brings this time.”

“Katy’s like an old friend, it’s great to welcome her back. She’s the biggest pop star in the world right now so of course I’d give up my seat to have her co-host the show!” said Samantha Armytage.

“Katy has been a Sunrise regular over the years… one of my unique memories of Katy was her using my bald head as a fruit platter. She is so bright, funny and unpredictable. It’s going to be a crazy morning and anything could happen!” added David Koch.

The date is yet to be revealed.


  1. aren’t there any big name Australian singers that could’ve done this instead. in my opinion 7 n sunrise must need a big international person to get people 2 watch.

  2. Interesting in the paper today that she wanted to do it. gee 9 would be filthy that she will sing on one of there shows but appear on another networks breakfast program. I guess she must have enjoyed being on sunrise in the past.


    • She’s entitled to do any network she pleases in whatever order that suits her schedule. It’s up to her management to decide, including whether she will sing on any. She goes back several years with Seven.

  3. hopefully they don’t any weird segments like they did with Kristin Davis from Sex and the City.

    David Katy is slated to be performing live at The Voice Grand Final- will she be on after the voice or a few days before

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