Lawyers argue for Rebel Wilson payout

Legal argument got underway in the Victorian Supreme Court today in the Rebel Wilson v Bauer Media defamation case.

On Thursday the actress won a profile defamation case against the magazine empire following a series of articles she claimed portrayed her as a serial liar.

Today Bauer tried to have evidence from Hollywood heavyweight Peter Principato, whose clients have included Jonah Hill and Will Arnett, excluded.

Principato has said the articles were published Wilson should have been commanding in excess of $6 million a film, following her success in Pitch Perfect 2.

But Georgina Schoff, QC, for Bauer questioned the direct link to the articles and said there could be a number of factors at play.

On suggestions Wilson lost a role in Snatched to Amy Schumer, she said, “Maybe Ms Schumer was cheaper, there may be any number of reasons why Ms Schumer was more appropriate.”

Since her win, other celebs including Russell Crowe, Shane Warne, Delta Goodrem and Lleyton Hewitt have all tweeted their support to Wilson.

Wilson, who did not attend court today, has told media the case was “not about the money.”

The case resumes on Wednesday.

Source: Herald Sun

Photo: Rebel Wilson


  1. Am I the only person who, deep down inside, hopes Rebel is awarded in excess of 10’s of millions of dollars?

    This would cripple this horrible industry of “gossip” magazines and may actually encourage some of their staff to do some journalism work.

    I am still old enough to remember when Who Weekly was an excellent magazine worth reading – with articles about the world, politics, interesting people and current affairs. I remember being confused when they announced they were turning into a celebrity rag.

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