Lawyers seeking $5.9m for Rebel Wilson

It will be several weeks before a final figure is revealed in the case against Bauer Media.

A decision on the payout for Rebel Wilson v Bauer Media case will be some weeks away, a judge told lawyers for Rebel Wilson today.

Lawyers today argued the actress should be compensated up to $5.93m in special damages.

Hollywood agent Peter Principato told the Victorian Supreme Court via videolink that Wilson should have been landing between two and three lead roles a year at a minimum.

He cited Snatched and Ghostbusters as films that she could have been perfect for, and suggested her worth would have been twice that of Amy Schumer, who is believed to have earned $2m-$3million.

Instead Wilson claims she was sacked from two films, Trolls and Kung Fu Panda 3, and unable to land any more work.

“Rebel was one of those actresses that every studio was talking about and trying to find projects for,” Principato said.

Wilson, who has told media her case was not about the money, is understood to have returned to the US.

Meanwhile Bauer Media CEO Nick Chan has announced his departure, to be replaced by New Zealand CEO, Paul Dykzeul as CEO of Australia and NZ. Chan has been in the role for 14 months, after the publication of the articles in the Rebel Wilson lawsuit.

Source: Herald Sun

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