MKR contestants may live under one roof

Change is in the air for My Kitchen Rules 2018….

Contestants for Series 9 could be living together, Masterchef-style, if media reports prove true.

The Australian suggests Seven insiders are contemplating housing all the couples under one roof for their 2018 season.

The move, which could incite further conflict, romance, or alliances, follows from the success of Married at First Sight accommodating its couples together for its 2017 season.

MKR was also damaged by the rise of MAFS, down 19 per cent year on year.

The article suggests other option still remain in the mix for 2018.

“Seven insiders acknowledge MKR’s ratings success has been as much about the casting of characters as their actual cooking abilities. With the natural tensions that would eventuate, TV industry watchers believe it is a logical move to put the cooking contestants in even closer proximity — and then sit back and watch the ratings fireworks,” it notes.


  1. 7 need to strip it back like Masterchef did. They got rid of all the arrogant contestants and now the past few years have been enjoyable to watch. Im not saying everyone needs to be sweet and lovey dovey but all there promotions seem to be the evil contestants and not the food which MC show us.

    My favourite MKR contestants still are Dan and Steph.

  2. How about starting to come up with different ideas for shows rather than messing with the same show to make it more like another show. If its not doing as well as it used to it’s because the audience has had enough of it.

  3. after been beaten by MAFS this year, channel 7 and mkr producers must be that desperate to try and get viewers and their ratings crown back if they are even considering this stupid idea.
    i doubt pete and manu will be there with them- but then again why would anybody want to live with Pete

  4. During filming isn’t most of their off screen time used to “perfect” their recipes, cooking at their hotel apartment the day before going into the studio etc. I thought that was sort of the reason why we only see them in the studio (aside from in their own homes).

  5. MKR hasn’t been about the cooking for a very long time…..Masterchef is the one to watch for cooking ability, however if you aren’t a pretty young (usually blonde) female you will struggle to get the Judges attention.

      • It’s more or less true when it comes to narrative screen time, to the point where it’s become a running joke in our household (“Photogenic contestant #4, your dish lacked several key elements, but you’re young, blonde, and pretty – and that’s why you’re safe; I’m sorry, generic contestant #3, but you’re going home”).

        That said, the decisions are at least arguable and they don’t (seem to) allow it to affect the (ultimate) outcome.

    • I’m surprised that anyone would question the truth of the young, pretty blonde. It is a bonus if they are reasonable cooks, but Masterchef 2015 proved that didn’t matter. They don’t necessarily win – they can only be carried so far – but many worthier contestants are sacrificed along the way.

  6. Sounds horrible! I say shorten the season, shorten the length of episodes and focus more on the cooking and ratings may rise as it won’t feel like such a chore to watch.

  7. Yuck!! Didn’t watch MKR at all this year so predictable. Cut the cough* villains year after year it’s same thing. Go back to basics!

  8. The over the top drama this season stopped me from watching. Can’t imagine how much more ridiculous it will be if they’re all living together.

  9. …why though? It just seems like they’re trying to change so they can adapt to survive when they’re already the market leader? Yes, viewership was down, but wasn’t terrible. Still high 800000-1mil viewers.

  10. “…as much about the casting of characters as their actual cooking abilities”? I stopped watching after season three because actual cooking abilities had become an afterthought.

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