Naked Attraction

“Do you like a big willy?”
“That is one helluva hairy crack.”
“She was talking about my vag.”
“Can we talk about the pubes?”

Welcome to TV’s most extreme dating show.

If you thought Dating Naked (with pixellation) was racy, and Adam Looking for Eve (without pixellation) was full on, you better sit down.

Naked Attraction trumps them all. Let’s dispense with all the dates that dance around the subject and cut to the chase. Let’s see the goods before we choose thanks.

In this overt UK format a single sees six potential dates full frontal, stark-naked and gets to make their decision on little more than physical attraction. Even more blatantly, the six are gradually revealed from a frosted-glass chamber in three stages: genitals, chest, face.

Now don’t think the cameras shoot discreetly or stick to wide shots. On the contrary there is nowhere to hide as the host and single approach for serious scrutiny.

“That’s got nice form, nice shape.”
“Do you prefer girth or length?”
“Are u a fan of a fuller bush?”

Hosting is Anna Richardson, who happily admits she has dated both men and women. The first single, Aina, giggles with embarrassment at seeing six blokes with todgers for her to critique. There are 6 willies for her perusal of various length, shapes and appearances.

“Too much length is painful,” Aina insists.

One of the six men can move his scrotum like some manipulate their nostrils. Now you’re just showing off. Another has an artificial leg, and a rockin’ bod. Aina isn’t bovvered by the leg. Host Anna imparts a bit of anatomical science, but it’s not what we’re here for.

As the men are eliminated they greet Aina with awkward hug (not too close please!) and one of the most surprising moments is seeing them clothed later. It’s a moment Undressed on SBS missed -meet naked (before) and then let us re-evaluate them dressed (after), to illustrate how we judge a book by its cover.

Before Aina can make her final decision -wait for it- she too gets naked. It’s only fair, right? Now the blokes are judging her.

In the second round (there are 2 each 60 min. episode) a bisexual female gets to choose from 3 naked men and 3 naked females. Points for being progressive.

“Guys see me as a bit of a fantasy,” she explains. “Girls are hard work.”

Naked Attraction also shows us footage of a (dressed) public date later and a catch-up 2-4 weeks later.

The casting is diverse, but this may prove flaccid after 1 episode. Either way it’s hard (sorry!) not to see this as little more than a perve-fest. It will probably rate through the roof.

Naked Attraction premieres 9:15pm Wednesday June 7 on Spike, which is available on Fetch TV.


  1. It really isnt as bad as people make it out to be ….. really it is true we all judge people by what they look like ….. nudity is nudity ,,,, even without the pixels

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