Nine confirms 2017 cast for The Block

These are the 5 teams who will redevelop weatherboard homes in Elsternwick.

Nine has now (officially) confirmed its location and cast for The Block 2017.

5 teams will renovate five massive family homes rescued from demolition and transported to Regent Street Elsternwick in south-east Melbourne.

These weatherboard homes. which have been “Home Sweet Home” to families for around 90 years, have all been cut down the middle, transported and put back together on new foundations, ripe for contemporary renovation.

The teams are:

Josh (28) and Elyse (24), dating for four years, from Melbourne, VIC
Hannah (31) and Clint (33), married for five years, from Townsville, QLD
Sticks (31) and Wombat (38), best mates for fifteen years, from South Coast, NSW
Ronnie (41) and Georgia (33), married for six years, from Perth, WA
Jason (46) and Sarah (45), married for eighteen years, from Melbourne, VIC

Host Scott Cam is returning with Shelley Craft, judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer, foreman Keith Schleiger, and his right-hand man, Dan Reilly.

“I’m really proud that we were able to save these houses from demolition and deliver the great Australian dream of a big, modern family home. The scale of this project is like nothing we’ve attempted before – we’re transforming a street and it sure is going to test our latest crop of Blockheads,” said Cam.

The Block, which has already confirmed a 2018 season at The Gatwick in St. Kilda, has so far given $17,575,501.01 to contestants since premiering in 2003. In April it scored its fifth Logie Award for Best Reality program.

Nine is yet to announce an airdate.

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  1. I do not and have never watched this…..but….I have a chuckle at the comments…
    I guess the people concerned with the show….just look at their 5 Logies….roll their eyes and laugh.

  2. I wonder if the people who do audition are mostly white and they don’t bother looking further or they deliberately choose white people. Could you find out who casts it and interview them David?

    1. Julian Cress is exec producer for The Block. I’ve filed many times on the need for diversity, including for The Block. Julian has told me renovation shows get fewer diverse contestants than other reality genres which anecdotally sounds correct. But I believe they also had most applications ever. One contestant has Argentinian heritage (he is in yellow attire).

  3. Casting call- seeking young heterosexual Caucasian couples for renovation show, females must be able to wear short shorts in all situations & happy to tolerate overtly ‘blokey’ behaviour & condescension. Males must be traditionally aussie males- blockey nickname an advantage. If more than 3 syllabus required please do not apply…tic

    1. Great comment – could only add that “Contestants must be in a relationship of some description with each other. Contestants not together will have responsibilities to get into a relationship as a major plot point to their character development”

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