Police investigating crash involving Nine NRL commentator

NSW Police are investigating a car accident earlier this month near Nine’s Sydney headquarters involving network NRL commentator Matthew Thompson (pictured, second from right).

Media reports allege Thompson, 35, fled the accident scene after his car crashed near a kindergarten while a man and his wife were picking up their daughters.

“It is believed a Mazda CX7 struck a VW Polo that was parked in Willoughby Road near the intersection of Penkivil Street,” police told Fairfax.

The other driver ‘Peter’ told Fairfax, “He’s written off a car, left the scene, wasted, you know.

“While I was calling the police he absconded. He’s legged it. The police showed up about 10 minutes later.”

But Nine told news.com.au, “Mat says he did not flee the scene, but freely exchanged details with ‘Peter’. He denies being ‘wasted’ as claimed. Mat has not heard from police since June 1st.

“Any allegations like those published by Fairfax today are very serious, but there appears to be more than one side to this story.

“Channel Nine is treating this matter very seriously, and has offered Mat the appropriate counselling.”

Police stated they had been unable to give Thompson a breath test because more than two hours had passed since the crash when they located him.

Police continue with their inquiries into the matter.

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