Rebel Wilson wins case against Bauer Media

Rebel Wilson has won her defamation case against Bauer Media.

Wilson took action against the magazine empire citing loss of income after eight articles published in 2015 that gave the impression she was a serial liar who invented “fantastic stories” including falsifying her age.

Lawyers for Bauer said she had misled journalists and it wasn’t true that her career had slowed down.

But her defence case, including testimonies from family and actors Hugh Sheridan and Kate Jenkinson, said, “Woman’s Day has a readership of 1.5 million. Its potential to do harm is enormous.

“Her claim is not about money. It is about restoring her reputation.”

The case attracted daily media attention, fans and colourful references to Walt Disney, David Letterman, rapping and Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery.

Justice John Dixon said told them to keep one simple question in mind: is the star a serial liar?

In order to win the case, Wilson had to have convinced the jury that the series of articles published by Bauer painter her as a serial liar.

Wilson has 3 upcoming movies Isn’t It Romantic, Nasty Women & Pitch Perfect 3 which were referenced during the case.

Damages will be assessed at a later date.

Source: Herald Sun


    • They are expected to do so but I’d say everyone would be against them, so it would be an unpopular move. Considering the jury made a unanimous decision on all 40 points raised, they would be struggling to convince anyone otherwise.

  1. “Her claim is not about money. It is about restoring her reputation.”

    Restoring her reputation or just getting a little limelight before the release of the movies?

    • That’s unfair. She did lose at least one movie role directly because of these articles. She is also writing movies and wants to produce them. A damaged reputation would have made it much harder to raise funding for projects.

    • A little limelight is not going help promote her films when they are more than 6 months away. I haven’t been following closely, but clearly she had a good case with an unanimous verdict. She works in an industry that is built on reputation and public perception. This being some crazy elaborate plan to promote a film seems like a stupid failure of an idea.

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