Tom Arnold files lawsuit against TEN over I’m A Celebrity

A very bad week for TEN just got worse.

US comedian Tom Arnold is proceeding with his lawsuit against Network TEN citing unpaid monies owed, related to his appearance on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Arnold claims he is still owed $US140,000 ($A184k) of his $US425,000 ($A560k) fee.

Despite TEN’s financial predicament, the case headed to a US court.

Arnold has always claimed TEN enticed him to sign up with the offer of an Australian comedy tour following his appearance on the ITV Studios Australia reality show.

But the tour never happened, and he’s now suing TEN and A-List Entertainment for fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation and breach of oral contract.

“All amounts owed to Tom Arnold by Network TEN have been paid. We have fully discharged all our obligations to Tom Arnold. And we have received no notice of any legal proceedings,” a spokesperson told News Corp

But entertainment reporter Peter Ford, who has spoken with Arnold, has posted details of the suit on Twitter.

“He called me last night and look, he’s a very reasonable guy, but he’s like a dog with a bone. Once he’s on a mission, he won’t let go,” he told Kyle & Jackie O.

“He said ‘I feel really bad about [TEN’s administration], but that’s why I wanted this [the lawsuit] settled three months ago, not now.'”

Arnold, who was the first to be sent home from the 2017 series, has hired tough Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer, described as the lawyer “who can make any problem go away—except Bill Cosby’s.”

“Network TEN ensured Arnold that its depiction of Arnold on the Program would not endanger the Australian comedy tour,” said Singer.

“It was agreed orally and confirmed in writing that the guaranteed compensation to be paid for the two engagements — as a package — would be $425,000,” explained Singer. “Plaintiffs agreed to the deal and blocked off Arnold’s schedule in prime summer months when he typically receives his best engagements and highest compensation.”

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  1. I am assuming he had a written contract that didn’t mention the tour. So he is relying on a verbal contract, which can be disputed, as the means for suing. This bush lawyer doesn’t think he has much of a chance.

      1. If he does argue the “edited to look unappealing to the Audience” point, ten can say that their job is to make entertaining TV and editing him as they did on the show resulted in, what they believed to be the most entertaining TV.

  2. I think it is a case of sour grapes! He portrayed him self and was disliked for it! he is responsible for his own actions in my opinion and the lack of comedy tour is a consequence of his behaviour!

    1. That’ll be his line of argument. He was edited to look dull so the comedy tour could be cancelled. Thus he lost income. But this all boils down to whether he’s been paid what the contract says was agreed to be paid, regardless of his “contribution” to IACGMOOH.

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