True Story with Hamish & Andy: July 3

That was quick.

Next week marks the mid-season final for True Story with Hamish & Andy -but it will return with another 5 episodes in August.

The episode is titled “Jack’s French Horn.”

In Episode Five we meet Jack (Joel Garner), a budding French horn player who has been given the golden opportunity to play in a highly respected Sydney orchestra in one of Australia’s oldest concert halls. His position, however, was far less grandiose than the setting – Jack was the “bumper”, the lowest position possible. One that only plays when another musician tires. Nevertheless, this young bumper is keen to impress. And midway through the performance Jack’s time to shine arrives.

Also starring in this episode are Kitty Flanagan, Brian Nankervis, Ed Kavalee, Colin Lane, Louise Siversen, Oliver Clark and Simon Hall.

7:30pm Monday on Nine.


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