Will & Grace will explain time-jump

Will & Grace creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan have promised fans that the issue of their time-jump will be explained.

“You won’t feel like anything is left open,” Max confirmed.

Chatting to E! News about the revival, the duo admitted that most of their time at “story camp” involved figuring out how to move on from the earlier series finale.

“I will tell you that almost more than anything, more time went into figuring out how are we going to reintroduce the show and what were the rules going to be and how were we going to address that finale,” Max admitted.

David added: “And where are they in their lives.”

Revealing when exactly Will & Grace will be set, down to the hour, Max said: “They are very much living in that apartment in 2017 in the month of September, on the 28th of September at 9.00.

“That’s when you’re going to meet up with them again and they are going to explain to you exactly what happened so you know the rules moving forward and you won’t feel like anything is left open.”

And in case you’re wondering… no -we still don’t have an Australian broadcaster confirmed for this as yet.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. I bet that the original finale, from when Will and Grace grew apart all the way up to the end will be explained away as a dream/nightmare. makes th most sense.
    I’m so glad it’s getting another season. I hated the finale and felt that it was so untrue to the characters

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