Aaron and Daniella win House Rules 2017

Gold Coast couple Aaron and Daniella were last night crowned winners of Seven renovation series House Rules.

They defeated Adelaide’s Kate and Harry to take out a $200,000 prize after scoring 27 points, with 25 points for the South Australian runners-up.

Joined by family members, eliminated contestants and judges, the grand final comprised an outdoor renovation on the properties belonging to their opposing teams.

Aaron and Daniella renovated a narrow space down the side of team SA’s house while Kate and Harry renovated a pool and BBQ area.

Judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen told the Gold Coast couple, “There is absolutely no doubt that you two saved the best until last.”

“We just didn’t think this could happen. When we started, we just came along for an adventure, now look where we are… it’s breathtaking,” said Aaron.

“We just want to provide a beautiful life for our boys and give them opportunities that we didn’t have… (House Rules) has not only brought us closer together, but $200,000 helps us get ahead in life and means I can spend more time at home with my family… it’s beautiful.”

Harry said, “For us to get our house renovated, to have a beautiful home, is the best thing that could ever happen… we are so thankful for everything.”

Seven’s series has drawn solid numbers in its 5th season, including wins against The Voice and Masterchef Australia. It is currently calling for applications for 2018.


  1. I always lose interest towards the end! I don’t know why they draw the end of so much, I sure I’m not the only person to lose interest, I think next year they need to change the schedule, maybe have it on 4 or 5 nights a week, and only have one reveal night like they used to have.

  2. After seeing Aaron and Daniella briefly interviewed on Seven’s Gold Coast News weather segment with Liz Cantor last night, that indicated to me who had won.

  3. After delivering the worst front yard ever seen, this team should not have been in the grand final. And it is not likely that they need the win, considering they have been to Vegas six times.

    Unfortunately the result was very predictable throughout the show.

    • I really liked their front yard! Design is subjective 🙂 Also Daniella is a dance instructor and has been to Vegas most of those times for dance competitions! I know the school she works at. Who are we to judge about someone’s “need” to win a competition/money? They put in months of hard work and deserved the win just as much as anyone else!

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