Airdate: Hell’s Kitchen Australia, Blue Murder: Killer Cop

Seven has now confirmed Hell's Kitchen Australia and Blue Murder: Killer Cop for Sunday August 6th.

Seven has now confirmed Hell’s Kitchen Australia and Blue Murder: Killer Cop will debut on Sunday August 6th.

Both will premiere a week after The Block on Australian Survivor on Nine and TEN respectively.

Sunday August 6
Hell’s Kitchen Australia 7pm
The apprentice chefs will face skill based challenges under the immense pressure of delivering a complete dinner service at the exclusive Hell’s Kitchen restaurant. It promises to be a thrilling and fiery ride as these celebrities face the toughest challenge within the hottest and toughest kitchen in the world. Marco Pierre White said: “All chefs over time will stray slowly from the stove, very few stay close to the flame. Hell’s Kitchen, without question, is the most natural environment for me to be myself.”

Blue Murder: Killer Cop 8:30pm
Richard Roxburgh reprises his heralded portrayal of Australia’s most notorious former detective Roger Rogerson in Blue Murder: Killer Cop, leading an all-star cast including Toni Collette, Matt Nable, Dan Wyllie, Emma Booth, Justin Smith, Damian Walshe-Howling, Steve Le Marquand, Aaron Pedersen, Aaron Jeffery – and reprising their original roles, Tony Martin and Peter Phelps. A floating body, a drug deal gone wrong, and two former detectives the perpetrators. Life imprisonment is the end of Roger Rogerson’s story. The last Blue Murder ended with his expulsion in disgrace from the NSW Police Force. In this instalment, Rogerson struggles to make a living in a world that’s rapidly changing, caught between the pressures of criminals, police and a love that might save him. Written by Peter Schreck, directed by Michael Jenkins, produced by Michael Jenkins and Carol Hughes, and executive produced by John Edwards, Richard Roxburgh and Julie McGauran, Blue Murder: Killer Cop is an Endemol Shine Australia production for Seven, made with the assistance of Screen Australia and Screen NSW.

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  1. I still don’t get why Hell’s Kitchen is a celebrity version. What’s wrong with getting non celebs? It works on Gordon Ramsey’s version. I mean you don’t have to put them in charge of a massive restaurant like the USA version, just give them some money.

    But I hope they do the little challenges first, I do enjoy those. I will watch it but gee I mean I hear Sam Frost saying she can’t cook but she is on a cooking show.

    It is funny though a year ago Marco was saying Masterchef is the best cooking show undoubtedly on tv

  2. Im really looking forward to blue murder if its done right as the original was what it really has going for it is that a lot of the original cast are returning

    Now for hells kitchen i will watch the first episode but I’m not sure if i will watch it through even though i like Marco pierre white what’s really putting me off it is that it is celebrities and not civillans and im sorry but most of the celebrities are Z grade celebrities the only ones i know are David oldfield Debra lawrence and Willie mason it would have been so much better if it had been civilians ithink it will rate just enough to get through the series and Marco will be back on Masterchef next year

  3. Will definitely be watching Blue Murder – should be good.
    I know BM starts a week later than The Block and Survivor, but gee it’s annoying that Channels 9, 7 and 10 put all their highly rating shows up against each other.
    Always happens I know but really hate to have to choose between the three…

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