Airdate: Little Big Shots

Seven’s new entertainment show Big Little Shots, hosted by Shane Jacobson, premieres this Sunday night.

Based on a format by Ellen DeGeneres US host Steve Harvey, this is produced by Warner Bros. Australia and features dozens of talented kids, from Australia and overseas (and yes they were flown here for the local production).

There are no categories, or hard and fast rules. It’s not a competition. There are no prizes. And no judges. It’s simply about embracing what it means to be young, fun and free whilst celebrating the innocence of childhood.

Aged three and upwards incredibly gifted children from across Australia and around the world have a chinwag with Shane before showcasing their passion on stage in front of a Live audience.

With no filters, or political correctness in sight these kids are refreshingly honest and are sure to keep even the quick-witted and father-of-four host on his toes.

Proving the biggest stars can come in the smallest packages the pint-sized performers’ talents are limitless and broad, ranging from sheep shearing, to hula dancing and teddy bear making just to name a few.

No matter what your age, or status quo, this fun, family-friendly show will have you on your feet applauding these gifted children and laughing along with their hilarious exchanges with Shane.

7pm Sunday on Seven.


  1. Seven must be a little nervous that they’ve decided to launch this up against Nine’s Australian Ninja after the latter had such a mega launch show last night. While you’d have to assume the ratings will drift somewhat after some of the curiosity factor viewers fall away, it looks like Nine has a strong hit on its hands.

  2. At last…something worth watching on FTA television. I grew up listening to the brilliant Keith Smith and the funny kids on the Pied Piper on radio 3AW. This sounds like it could be a TV version of it.

    • Yeah male 27 years old, I ain’t bothering with this. Bad enough working in retail during school holidays dealing with peoples precious little darlings, I don’t need to see them on my TV. No matter what they can do.

  3. This show is like a “relic from a different age” reminds me of the vomit inducing “kids say the darnedest things” shane what were you thinking 🙁

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