Airdate: Sideliners

ABC’s new panel show Sideliners begins this Friday, with hosts Nicole Livingstone, Tegan Higginbotham and Amberley Lobo, looking at the world of sport from all angles.

Joined by athletes and comedians to, each show features guest interviews, field stories, comedy sketches and studio games.

Nicole and Tegan will be joined by a regular team of athletes and comedians including comedian Dave Thornton, Paralympic champion Dylan Alcott and former ABC ME star Amberley Lobo to look at the world of sport from all angles.

Each show will feature guest interviews, field stories, comedy sketches and panel discussion. The show will be focused on bringing viewers a fresh approach to the genre – reporting it through the eyes of sports fans with a fresh, fun and sometimes irreverent feel.

It’s the perfect show to enjoy with family or friends ahead of a weekend of sport. Whether you’re a sports fan or not, you are guaranteed to be entertained.

6pm Friday on ABC.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    i dont mind the 6pm slot. I think they decided to put it at 6pm becasue they didnt want it to go against AFL and NRL coverage. I like that decision, otherwise the show will not get a decent run. Atleast its better than a late night timeslot like the Front Bar as had recently. Overall will watch this show. i like sports panel shows.

  2. The show looks promising. But I don’t like the 6pm timeslot. Probably should have aired at 8pm? The 8pm Friday slots have performed lowly of late with filler programs…..

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