Christmas in July on 9GO!

Is it Christmas in July?

A quick look at 9GO’s schedule on Saturday night would seem so:

6pm Movie: Jingle All the Way
7:45pm Movie: Elf
9:45pm Movie: Christmas with the Kranks
11:45p Movie: A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

TV Tonight understands one particular sponsor will be very happy Programming got into the festive spirit.


  1. All those cheap movies and Xmas only comes once a year and in non-ratings! Although “Christmas in July” dates back to 1933, retailers promotions didn’t start until the 1950’s.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    At least it is July….7Flix did it in June….

    Maev….Sydney June 3, 2017 1:47 am
    7FLIX Tonight….What?!?…….It is not even July….
    TV Movie Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas!…6:00 pm
    TV Movie The Santa Clause…6:30 pm
    TV Movie The Santa Clause 2…8:30PM

  3. that’s hilarious, do the programmers even know what month it is?! are they locked in a bunker somewhere? this lineup is better then what they actually show at Christmas time, they never usually air movies when there’s a certain time of the year calls for it. like Halloween, Valentine’s, Christmas and New Years.

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