Damon Lindelof: any Lost revival would need new characters

Given the recent run of revivals, Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof has been asked on his thoughts about an (inevitable) revival for the ground-breaking series.

“I’ve thought about it a lot,” Lindelof told TVLine.

“[I] hope that when that happens, whoever is doing it, doesn’t take the characters from the original Lost and put them in the new one. Because we worked so hard to end that show and to give [the survivors] some level of closure. I know there was some debate as to whether or not there was enough closure…”

Some? That’s putting it nicely. The feedback was probably only surpassed by Dexter‘s finale.

Lindelof has again ruled himself out of any direct involvement.

“It would be really exciting if there’s another incarnation of Lost, I just won’t have any association with it. Not because I’m too good for it. I just feel like, again, we worked so hard to end our story, that to come back and say, ‘Well, that wasn’t the real ending,’ would be frustrating.”

Last year  writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach told TV Tonight, “The first season of Lost especially was a rollercoaster ride, that you’re lucky to have once in a lifetime.”


  1. Lost is one of those shows that needs to be left alone. They all got closure, did you see the finale? Leave it alone. Don’t bring a good show like Lost back. Even if its for new characters.

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