Does VICE Australia produce for local or global audiences?

Youth media company VICE may not have a widely-known presence in the Australian industry, but there is a team producing local content for its platforms including SBS VICELAND.

At Series Mania earlier this week Senior Producer Katy Roberts was asked whether the local docos are made primarily for Australian audiences or a global market?

“I have to think about both things, which can be difficult, to try and meet both those audiences. But definitely, as we grow, the local audience is what’s important for VICE Australia,” she said.

Australiana is really about us reflecting the Australian identity back to Australians. In the back of our minds we are thinking ‘What will this look like globally?’ But our remit is to make sure we are serving our Australian audience first and foremost.

“Obviously we do have a model where all the other territories are trying to share content much as possible, so when we are creating that content that’s travelling back into the ecosystem.”

Australiana is an umbrella series that features one-off documentaries. Australiana: Rage in the Cage, which looked at a controlled “burnouts” competition and mental health issues in regional Victoria aired on SBS VICELAND earlier this month.

Another 3 local docos are to be produced this year. VICE also has a Zealandia equivalent in New Zealand.

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