Emmys 2017: snubs & surprises

Michael McKean, Claire Danes, Jimmy Fallon -who else missed out?

With every Emmys announcement it’s always fascinating to see who missed out too.

It was great to see Nicole, Judy & Geoffrey get nods -Nicole’s category is ridiculously crowded, up against Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Reece Witherspoon, Carrie Coon & Felicity Huffman. Every one of them a winner.

Geoffrey Rush has it nearly as tough, against Riz Ahmed, Robert De Niro, Ewan McGregor and John Turturro.

Both Hollywood Reporter and Variety note other big omissions.

Series not nominated for major Emmys this year include The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Insecure, The Good Fight, The Big Bang Theory and The Young Pope.

Girls and The Leftovers also dipped out in major categories despite their final seasons (the latter is the bigger surprise there).

The Americans missed out for a Best Drama nod, while Transparent was a no show for Best Comedy.

Homeland‘s Claire Danes did not get a nod for best actress in a drama. Better Call Saul‘s Michael McKean would have been great to see in the drama supporting actor category.

There is some fuss Oprah Winfrey was overlooked for The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks -dunno, I didn’t catch that one. Rami Malek missed out on a nomination for Mr. Robot after his surprise win. It seems to have lost its buzz.

Black Mirror got a nod as a movie. Who knew?

And I will never get why Survivor is snubbed over The Amazing Race every year (other than the latter is admittedly, harder to film on the fly). It got a casting and cinematography nod. Probst is a superior storyteller (sorry Phil!).

But the biggest surprise of all? According to the chatter it’s Shannon Purser in a guest actress nod for her Stranger Things role as Barb.

Corrected: Ben Mendelsohn is nominated for guest actor for Bloodline.

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  1. How irrelevant have Emmy awards become for Australians like me who cannot afford to watch streaming services or Pay TV. Hardly any of the nominations are programs shown on free-to-air channels in Australia. Instead all we see are cheap rubbish programs produced locally rather than high quality overseas programs and the dramas shown on ABC. How things have changed in the last 40 years. When will they stop all these prime time cooking programs with all their faux dramas and eliminations?

  2. So pleased “The Keepers” got nominated for best documentary/non fiction. So brilliant. So confronting and shocking on so many levels. I really hope it wins. More people need to know about this story.

  3. Survivor for reality and Jeff Probst as host.
    plus a big snub in the acting category; Mandy Moore as lead actress in a drama( she is brilliant in ThisIsUs) and the elderly who played the Dr in ThisIsUs also should’ve been nominated as well

  4. Mr. Robot certainly dipped to I would say about half of its first season greatness in season 2… despite some really great sequences littered throughout its sophomore run.
    I’m ok with Claire Danes being snubbed… she and indeed Homeland itself were weaker than previous seasons… having said that though… where the hell was Rupert Friend’s nod? He was superb. Transparent was also weaker last season than it has been…
    I do find it baffling that the refreshingly stellar Insecure got no love. Issa Rae is a sta! And I thought Atlanta, Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why were all overrated… Good… but overrated.

  5. Barb was a great character in Stranger Things, though not really Emmy-worthy, but in terms of performance there should’ve been one for Winona Ryder, who portrayed a devastated mother on the verge of madness so effectively.

  6. I agree I really think Survivor has remained it high quality year after year. Meanwhile I’ve lost interest in Amazing race the past few years. It’s just not as good as it once was. And it’s U.S ratings are showing that.

    I’m also a bit surprised Winona Ryder didn’t get an acting nom for Stranger things and that 13 Reasons why didn’t get any love.

      1. Many people have said that, but what people overlook is that the whole incident takes place over only a few days, and her behaviour is reasonable in that context. She wouldn’t vary much over such a short time period.

          1. I found Wynona’s character really annoying – so whiney and hysterical.
            She was my least favourite character in Stranger Things.

          2. Well If my child went missing and was trying to communicate with me through fairy lights while monsters from another dimension were trying to come through my walls I would be pretty hysterical as well haha. ?

  7. Agreed on so many points, including Michael McKean (superb in Better Call Saul) and Survivor which continues to consistently deliver excellence after an unprecedented 34 season run,

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