“Enough is Enough”: Nine News boss objects to Sunday Night story

Nine News boss Darren Wick has taken aim at Sunday Night with a Facebook post after it reported on the 2009 death of Bob Chappell on a yacht in Sandy Bay, and grandmother Sue Neill-Fraser’s upcoming appeal.

Sunday Night investigation on 7 is the SAME story 60 MINUTES Australia did in 2014 — that’s THREE YEARS AGO for our numerically challenged colleagues at 7,” he wrote.

“Switch over to Ninja Warrior on 9. At least, those guys are just suspended, not suspending the truth.”

“Last year … we hit rock bottom and everyone was taking shots at us,” he said.

“But now enough is enough.”

Reporter Laura Sparkes also took aim:

Sunday Night featured interviews with Sue Neill-Fraser’s family and reported a new witness has come forward revealing private conversations with Meaghan Vass, while the latter has been called to testify at Neill-Fraser’s upcoming appeal.

A Seven spokesperson said, “The story itself had moved on since other media trawled over it years ago. The key development being a new witness with supportive details of another person on the boat. This witness forming part of a landmark court case under new right to appeal legislation in Tasmania.”

Via: News Corp


  1. That sounded like a very odd post by the Nine News boss?

    Especially his choice of words, almost more sour grapes.

    And when he used “switch over to Ninja Warrior on 9” the post loses credibility.

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