Five docs shortlisted as next Bondi Vet

The hunt for the successor to Dr. Chris Brown narrows.

5 vets from across the country have been shortlisted to succeed Dr. Chris Brown as the next Bondi Vet.

WA’s Dr Peter Ricci (pictured) topped a public vote in an online talent search conducted by producers WTFN.

Joining him is Dr Alex Hynes and Dr Anthony Cassimatis both from Queensland, Dr Danni Dusek (Vic) and Dr Lewis Hunt (NSW).

All 5 will be soon be filmed by camera crews for the next stage of the talent hunt.

WTFN’s Director of Content, Steve Oemcke, said “The level of competition in the latter stages was incredibly high. Everyone we looked at has a unique skill set and story to tell.

“It is very pleasing to see vets across four Australian states make it to the Final Five stage.

“We always said we’d consider people from across Australia for this exciting opportunity.”

Producers have not ruled out hiring more than one candidate, nor taking a holistic approach to the location in its title.

“We think Bondi Vet is more about the spirit rather than the location of the programme. Whether it’s someone who relocates or works out of Bondi…. for a period of time, potentially that is how it will work,” WTFN CEO Daryl Talbot recently told TV Tonight.

“But we’re not going to lock ourselves into the format, or to be blunt even the title. It will be driven by the talent.

“What the show looks like and what it’s called will be flexible.”

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