‘Freddie’ Flintoff hosting Cannonball UK

Confused? Nine presenter hosts UK format .....which is a Seven brand in Australia.

Well this is a tad confusing….

Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, who makes his debut as part of Nine’s Australian Ninja Warrior presenting team on Sunday, will host the UK version of Cannonball for ITV.

The adrenaline series with water-based challenges has already had an Aussie version filmed, but for Seven.

The Aussie hosts are former Wonderland stars Ben Mingay and Tim Ross. The show was originally due to debut after last year’s Olympics, before a change of heart.

It will now air later this year according to programmer Angus Ross.

“It’s all about having options to swing to, or in that case, leap to and splash in the water!” he previously advised.

At this stage there are no plans for the UK Cannonball to screen down under, meaning any oddity about a Ninja Warrior host fronting Cannonball won’t actually collide on our screens.

Filming for the UK Cannonball takes places in Valetta, Malta. A tad more exotic than Penrith’s Whitewater stadium.

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  1. Don’t have much faith in either Aussie shows doing that well – although I understand Ninja Warrior will only run for 3 weeks, so potentially refreshing to not have a reality show dragging on forever. To not follow the path of Celebrity Splash, I think Cannonball would need a comedic tone like Wipeout, and not take itself too seriously. I Expect Nine will look to screen this UK version.

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