Horror Tuesday just got worse for Seven

Seven had another horror Tuesday with its share falling even lower than a week ago.

Last Tuesday it could not rise above 450,000 viewers after 7:30pm. Last night it was under 350,000 for the same period. The problem is 2 big rival shows at the same time as viewers have turned away from their new offerings.

Australian Ninja Warrior dominated with its first semi-final drawing 1.57m viewers. MasterChef Australia saw Arum eliminated with 828,000 watching. Behave Yourself was just 343,000, fourth in it slot and out of the Top 20.

Joanna Lumley’s India (562,000) upstaged Shark Tank‘s 546,000. The dismal Yummy Mummies were in fourth place at 289,000.

TEN’s primary channel managed to pip Seven’s last night.

Nine network won Tuesday with 36.2% then Seven 21.4%, TEN 20.3%, ABC 14.5% and SBS 7.6%.

Australian Ninja Warrior was #1 for Nine at 1.57m then Nine News (1.06m / 1.03m), A Current Affair (863,000), Hot Seat (531,000 / 313,000) and Movie: Quantum of Solace (457,000).

Seven News (1.07m / 1.04m) was best for Seven then Home and Away (701,000), The Chase (646,000 / 419,000), Behave Yourself (343,000), Yummy Mummies (289,000). Ramsay’s Hotel Hell was just 245,000 / 148,000).

MasterChef Australia (828,000) led for TEN then The Project (583,000 / 360,000), Shark Tank (546,000), TEN Eyewitness News (471,000) and Family Feud (347,000). An NCIS repeat was 227,000.

ABC News (735,000), Joanna Lumley’s India (562,000), 7:30 (546,000), Ask the Doctor (462,000), Foreign Correspondent (358,000) and Restoration Man (221,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Michael Mosley: Queen Victoria’s Slum (225,000), Insight (214,000), Tour de France (204,000) and SBS World News (127,000).

Shaun the Sheep showed off to the sound of 209,000 viewers.

The Morning Show: 147,000 / 93,000
Today Extra: 139,000 / 93,000
News Breakfast: 97,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 18 July 2017


  1. Why is Yummy Mummies still on the main Seven channel? Nine shunted Excess Baggage to GEM after it flopped on the main channel, Seven should do the same with Yummy Mummies. And before Seven use Ninja Warrior as an excuse for YM’s failure, I knew the show would be a disaster when I saw the promos during the Australian Open tennis last January. And that was long before anybody had heard of Australian Ninja Warrior.

  2. This is what happens when Seven offer up cheap rubbish, people turn away. I didn’t watch anything on FTA last night except 7News on timeshift, and PVR’d Neighbours to watch later this week. Seven should spend their money on something interesting and intellectual, how about some documentaries about our own country, in a similar form to the many interesting documentaries on Channel 4, 5 and BBC in the UK.

  3. It’s a nice to change to see 7 at the bottom after 7.30. Watched MC and taped Joanna Lumley (great numbers for her doco). Will be interesting to see how the second half of the year rates for 10. Survivor and Bachelor has good followers now. Matty J should prove popular with viewers and Survivor can only get better. I hope it’s only on twice a week though. The Block will do well for 9. Hell’s Kitchen may attract viewers for 7 but the other reality shows are popular. Will be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks.

  4. I haven’t seen Behave Yourself or Yummy Mummies (the latter sounds particularly bad) but the problem with new shows rating so badly is that networks have no incentive to invest in new formats and this only leads to 7 extending the terrible My Kitchen Rules even longer.

  5. It’s a shame that Behave Yourself has been caught in the Ninja crossfire I found it bloody funny last night. Lawrence is absolutely hilarious.

    • I agree. Behave Yourself was funny as last night, but I am not surprised Channel 7 failed so badly after last week. They would be idiots not to change their schedule now. Even a repeat of a James Bond movie which ran until 11:30 did better than a new Behave Yourself at 7:30

      • I really enjoyed Behave Yourself last night too. But I don’t think putting it at 7:30 works. It feels like it’d be far stronger in a later time slot on a Wednesday or Thursday.

        • Yes, I’m quite enjoying Behave Yourself too.
          There’s never much on a Thursday or Friday night so would probably do better around 8.30 pm on one of those nights.

  6. Gee, with those ratings, you would think that 7 is the network about to go bust. I would rather them go bust given the lack of effort in their programming.

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