Jeremy Lindsay Taylor joins Offspring

Former Puberty Blues star is back with TEN drama dept.

Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Puberty Blues, Love Child, Sea Patrol, Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms) is joining the Offspring cast from next week.

He plays Dan who meets Billie (Kat Stewart) after she returns to the dating game following her split from husband Mick (Eddie Perfect).

“From the moment Kat Stewart blasted onto our screens as Roberta Williams in Underbelly, I knew we were witnessing a true artist at work. Fearless and spontaneous, she masters both comedy and drama, a near impossible feat,” he said.

“I feel blessed to finally have the chance to work with Kat on a show that has produced some of the bravest, hilarious and unique television this country has ever seen. Seven seasons and still going strong – incredible!”

TEN’s Head of Drama, Rick Maier, said: “Jeremy has to be top of our list of go-to actors. We loved him in Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms and in Puberty Blues – and he’s brilliant in this new role in Offspring.

“We couldn’t be happier to have JLT on board and especially to see him working his charm in his scenes with Kat Stewart. It’s a masterclass.”

Endemol Shine Banks Producer, Imogen Banks, said: “This is one of those rare on-screen partnerships that becomes even greater than the sum of its magnificent parts. Jeremy Lindsay Taylor can do anything.”

He will debut on Wednesday, 26 July on TEN.

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  1. I hope he brings something new this season as I have not enjoyed this season at all it is all over the place ….sometimes I think they should have finished it at season 5 it ended well

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