Jodie Whittaker to receive same salary as Peter Capaldi

New Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker will be paid the same salary as Peter Capaldi, according to BBC Director-General Tony Hall.

The confirmation follows reports of gender disparity after the publication of talent salaries this week.

Peter Capaldi earned £200,000 – £250,000 (up to $A410,000) for 2016 / 17.

Hall said he was “incredibly excited” about Whittaker’s appointment, adding: “And I do think it is time for 13th Time Lord to be a woman.”

“Yes, there is parity for the same amount of work.

“And I do think it is time for 13th Time Lord to be a woman. I watched my first Doctor Who in the Sixties, hiding behind the sofa. As a devoted Whovian, I’m incredibly excited.”

The BBC admitted some viewers had complained about the casting for the former Broadchurch star but defended the actress, telling fans: “The Doctor is an alien from the planet Gallifrey and it has been established in the show that Time Lords can switch gender.”

Hall’s comment came hours after the BBC’s 96 highest earners were revealed, with broadcaster Chris Evans topping the list at £2.2 million (A$3.61 million).

Source: Evening Standard


  1. As the lead of a huge money earning show, she should be paid accordingly. By all counts there is a very long 10 month working schedule for the show with all manner of working hours, promo trips etc. It should just be the way it is.

    • From my, admittedly rudimentary, reckoning, it may be spread over 10 months but if you were to count the weeks it’s probably only 8 months. But that’s still very little time for anything else, and there’s promotion time added on too. After three years straight the actors seem to get burnt out and a bit frustrated by it all, hence the frequency of Time Lord turn over we’ve had.

  2. If all Brit actors were paid a decent wage like this there’d be more diversity on screen, more opportunities for young actors and we wouldn’t see the same faces cropping up on TV time after time. There is a life after acting!

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