Legal case pending after Sunday Night story

Seven is confident it can defend a legal case that has arisen as a result of allegations Sunday Night story over a fundraising organisation, last month.

Marketing agency Appco Group is suing Seven for malicious falsehood after allegations in the report “Australia’s Greatest Charity Sham” it was retaining the majority of raised monies and was making a fortune from donations given to some of Australia’s biggest charities.

It is also claiming damages, injunctions and costs because three charities cancelled their contracts after the program aired on June 18.

In a statement the company said, “It is absolutely false to describe Appco Australia as a ‘cult’ that engages in ‘sham’ fundraising activities. These baseless claims demonstrate an irresponsible approach to journalism and disregard for viewers’ expectations of fair and balanced information.

“Appco Australia has repeatedly explained to Channel Seven that we do not take one cent from donors; 100% of every donor’s ongoing donation goes straight to the charity via direct debit.”

A spokesman for Seven said that “whilst it appreciates the matter is before the Court, Seven is confident of the accuracy of the matters reported in its program”.

A hearing has been set for July 21 in the Federal Court in NSW.

Source: Fairfax


  1. jezza the first original one

    “100% of every donor’s ongoing donation goes straight to the charity” read the small print and the term ‘ongoing’……There is a reason some fundraisers use pressure sales techniques, rather than just shake a tin for voluntary donations in my opinion

    • Yeah, they take a lump sum payment upfront when they sign someone new and then underpay the chugger that got the sale. If people were aware of how much of their donation was going to the for profit company or they paid their workers a fair wage the company would collapse.

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