MasterChef powers up TEN’s Thursday

Ratings: Cooking contest tops entertainment stakes, but Nine wins the night.

MasterChef Australia last night secured its final three contestants: Ben, Diana & Karlie as WA’s Tamara Graffen was sent home with undercooked brownies.

Fittingly the show is powering home for TEN with 980,000 watching and even 841,000 staying for the Masterclass. No surprises both topped the demos and were the top entertainment shows of the night. It even helped push TEN’s primary channel ahead of Seven.

At 503,000 viewers ABC’s Pulse has debuted higher than the season return of Janet King. Only 136,000 stayed for Cleverman while on SBS just 99,000 watched the finale of Family Law.

Nine NewsACA and The Chase all won early timeslots.

Nine network won Thursday with 25.9%, then Seven 25.7%, TEN 23.3%, ABC 15.6% and SBS 9.5%.

Nine News was #1 for Nine with 1.04m / 1.03m then A Current Affair (833,000), Hot Seat (546,000 / 315,000),  Thursday Night NRL (433,000 in 2 cities), RBT (249,000 in 3 cities) and the AFL Footy Show (227,000 in 3 cities). The NRL Footy Show was 137,000 in 2 cities.

Seven News (1.02m / 948,000) was best for Seven then Home and Away (669,000), The Chase (626,000/ 423,000), Make You LOL (497,000) and All Round to Mrs Brown’s (375,000). The Front Bar drew 232,000 in 3 cities including beating its foe in Melbourne.

MasterChef Australia was high at 980,000 / 841,000 for TEN then The Project (589,000 / 356,000), TEN Eyewitness News (467,000) and Family Feud. At a later start Common Sense fell to 228,000.

ABC News (679,000), Pulse (512,000), 7:30 (474,000), The Checkout (457,000) and Restoration Man (208,000) comprised ABC’s night. Cleverman was down to 136,000.

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (325,000), Tour de France (241,000), Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook Melbourne (220,000) and SBS World News (133,000). The Family Law was just 99,000.

Shaun the Sheep was best on multichannels at 209,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 20 July 2017.

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  1. Was glad to see Tamara finally eliminated, for good this time. She should have been gone long before. The favouritism shown to her was so obvious it was getting embarrassing to watch. I wish just once when an eliminated contestant appeared on The Project or Studio 10 they had asked them how everyone felt about the favouritism shown to Tamara.

  2. I hope The Family Law can get another season. It’s a shame it doesn’t rate but I love it and happy that something like that is on Australian TV.

  3. Why d99es SBS & the ABC have Aussie shows in the same time slot? Surely our national broadcasters can schedule their Aussie content better than that.

  4. Have enjoyed Season 2 of The Family Law.
    Warm and sometimes funny.
    Fiona Choi as Jenny, Benjamin’s “mummy”, is the highlight of the show – she’s wonderful.

  5. I don’t want to gloat, but I suspected Pulse would have the same problems that afflict all our home-grown TV shows. It’s mainly the sheer awfulness of the dialogue. People just randomly start shouting at each other for no particular reason. You see this all the time (Cleverman being the worst offender of all time). Drama is not aggression, screaming or overacting. Watching Oz TV always feels like being hit over the head with a sledge-hammer.

    The Family Law – over the last two seasons I’ve seen SBS describe the show variously as comedy, comedy-drama, drama-comedy, and family-drama (Screen Australia calls it just drama). Maybe if they made up their mind what sort of show it is they could market it better, and hopefully gain a bigger audience (presumably season 3 is a slam-dunk).

    1. Pulse was pretty bad. The opening credits were the best bit. Next week they’re adding an indigenous subplot just in case you forgot you were watching the ABC …. meanwhile Cleverman was much better last night but after two terrible episodes previous I doubt anyone noticed.

  6. Has Nine separated The AFL/NRL Footy Shows ratings before? When both air on Thursdays, they usually combine the shows together, despite being two completely different shows. Am glad they separated last night.

  7. Front Bar was good last night. I particularly like how they open up the show discussing the news in a funny way. I also really liked last night how they devoted a big chunk of the opening segment to the torpedo. The way they did it was really well done and I’m actually kind of looking forward to the video’s they get in of people doing torpedo’s in future episodes.

    One of the reasons I gave up the footy show was because they devoted a major chunk of the opening segment talking about the lives of the football panellists they had on this particular show. It was utterly boring and quite frankly who cares where they went on holiday. These kind of shows really need to open up talking about afl news and finding their own spin on it.

    1. Yeah it’s something Mick Molloy has been doing for a while, he had a Bring Back The Torp on Before The Game and on Radio in 2014:
      It’s a good segment to have again, I’ve been wondering lately why in a point kick-out they don’t use it more, bomb the ball to the center and it’s like a ball-up after a goal, the point kicking team has to bring it back again instead of a big turn over. If players start going to the center for it, kick it in short, if they come in close kick it out long, puzzles me why it’s not used again even outside 50 for goal.

    2. Good point tvf, the footy show does have a lot of padding. When I watched it in the past, i’d record it and start watching around 9pm so I could fast forward the opening segment plus anytime Sam went on a pointless rant. I wish 7 would show the Front Bar at 8:30 in Perth, it didn’t start until nearly 10pm last night which is too late. I’ll watch it tonight as I usually do. At least I can fast forward the ads, while they continue to show it so late in Perth.

      1. Pulse just doesn’t sound very interesting at all and some of the reviews haven’t been all that complimentary.
        That, coupled with medical dramas being one of my least favourite genres, has influenced me to pass on this one.

    1. Pulse was ok and kept my attention. I will give it another go next week. I haven’t seen a show that solely focuses on transplants so its nice to see a different take on the hospital genre. Don’t get the hate for it though. Its not the greatest thing I’ve watched buts its by no means the worse. Its has the feel of a midrange drama.

  8. The second episode of Masterchef was possibly the worst episode I have ever seen. I do not understand why they need to air these episodes as the whole purpose of the show is a competition, I fail to see how that episode was relevant to a competition

          1. We really enjoyed it. It was a terrific breather from the intensity to celebrate the final three and it’s always great fun to see the judges let their hair down. Gary in particular was on fine form.

    1. A big of mucking around makes it human to me. I like it as it put judges under pressure. Love to see a show base on chef versus chef in Masterchef way. Can call it Iron Masterchef…LOL

    2. Clearly you don’t understand MC, Masterclass is to teach the contestants new ways to cook means from the judges but also from guest chefs so helps them learn. Last nights Masterclass is like all the masterclasses at the end of the season where contestants are brought back and the judges have some fun. Gee lighten up.

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