MasterChef tops entertainment shows, Nine wins continue.

The shock exit of Eliza from MasterChef Australia ensured it was the top entertainment show on a quiet Thursday.

It pulled 895,000 viewers, down slightly on last week and was back to topping the demos without those gleaming athletes anywhere in sight. RBT was second in the slot followed by a Make you LOL special.

But the good news was not to continue for TEN with Common Sense falling from 463,000 to 342,000 in its second outing.  The season final of Janet King was higher at 480,000 while there were staggered playouts on Nine and Seven.

Nine News and ACA both won their slots.

Nine network won Thursday with 27.4% then Seven 27.3%, TEN 20.0%, ABC 14.9% and SBS 10.4%.

Nine News was #1 with 995,000 / 938,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (787,000), RBT (639,000), Hot Seat (518,000 / 290,000) and The Footy Show (479,000).

Seven News (980,000 / 962,000) led for Seven then Home and Away (702,000), The Chase (618,000 / 418,000), Make you LOL (542,000), All Round to Mrs Brown’s (527,000). The Front Bar drew 148,000 in Melbourne.

MasterChef Australia (895,000) was best for TEN then The Project (545,000 / 324,000), TEN Eyewitness News (509,000), Family Feud (379,000) and Common Sense (342,000). A Law and Order: SVU repeat drew 251,00.

ABC News (673,000), 7:30 (484,000), Janet King (480,000) and The Checkout (430,000) comprised ABC’s night. Restoration Man was 177,000 and Cleverman just 129,000.

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (310,000), Tour de France (189,000), Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook Melbourne (170,000), SBS World News (151,000) and The Family Law (125,000).

Shaun the Sheep showed up multichannels once more with 227,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 13 July 2017


    • Secret Squïrrel

      I thought that about the first ep of this season and bailed before I had wasted too much time. Seems I wasn’t the only one.

      • I actually liked this season and looked forward to each episode as they dug deaper into the sports conspiracy I just wasn’t all that impressed with the ending. Watching all the lose ends tie up and have the mastermind walk away because the higher ups needed him to nab other fish was unsatisfying. The final minutes being janet vs owen was also unsatisfying. Despite the ending it was a good season of janet king and hopefully they will make another.

  1. It’s been a very good but not great season of MasterChef. If it was in an elimination challenge with other seasons (especially 2016’s), it would receive the critique George said last night “None of you deserve to go home but this is a competition” and it would.

    • Have to agree with you there David. Common sense seems to be lacking the warmth of Gogglebox, which I guess is easily established when you’re watching someone in their living room, from your living room. Although, that sounds a bit creepy when you say it out loud….

  2. Funny, isn’t it? In my household, the only ones we really like are the removalists! They seem really switched and have a lot of views we agree with.

  3. Yes, the oldies and bra shop ladies are good value. I was thinking the same thing re Pruuu and Truuude…the middle-aged,blonde bobbed daughter’s voice is a dead ringer for Pru’s.
    The mature-age gay guys running the upmarket clothing store are real sweeties.
    The rest of the cast are a bit forgettable..

  4. Apart from the Byrne family playing for the car on the Feud and MasterChef there wasn’t much else on of interest to me. David don’t you mean quiet Thursday?

  5. I agree with Bruce, I gave Common Sense another go last night but I’m really not enjoying it and actually screamed at the TV, “bring back Gogglebox”!! I’m not warming to the cast at all and yes it feels very forced especially the hairdressers and the van guys.

    • Agreed. One or two laugh out loud moments, but I think part of the appeal of Googlebox is the escape from the everyday to enjoy some TV. Common Sense just reminds you of life / news.Also , ditch the removalist boys. It was down on Gogglebox for both channels last week, I’ll need have a closer look and compare Lifestyle / Ten playouts

      • I love the oldies and the bra shop ladies (they are very close to Prue and Trude) on Common Sense but I find it really hard to connect to any of the others especially the removalist guys. The one with the black long hair is always yelling and gets pretty annoying.

        • The removalists are by far my favourites. Everyone just standing around or sitting or pausing selfconsciously as they are ‘working’ makes it a slightly uncomfortable show to watch, unlike Gogglebox. Does that bra shop ever have a customer?!

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