Matt Preston explains filming those dual MasterChef endings

Matt Preston has spoken about those pesky dual endings that are filmed for the MasterChef finale. Tonight either Ben or Diana will discover they have won the series, despite each having filmed an ending where they are declared as winner.

“That’s one of the hard things we do today – we sit down with Ben and Diana, and we re-create the last moment,” he told Adelaide’s Mix 102.3’s Jodie & Soda.

“We re-create the final reveal of the scores, complete with the same scorecards, so they actually stand there with their loved ones and get to watch the real thing unfold.

“So one of them has been sitting there for a couple of months not knowing.

“There is normally a situation where the winner kind of suspects but can’t let themselves admit to it, and the loser is hoping against hope that that six is going to be upside down and it’s going to be a nine.”

In the show’s earlier seasons there were no dual endings with the scoring filmed on the day and everybody remaining on set until the broadcast had been completed.


  1. Based on the final challenge, Ben would have been the one “kind of suspecting” that he had won, and Diana would be the one hoping the 6 was really a 9. It must have been a shock to Ben to find that Matt Preston scored his nearly perfect fruits the same and Diana’s flawed ones.

  2. About those dual endings…
    … did anyone else actually notice that in last night’s broadcast they’d edited it incorrectly in one place and that the scorecard on the screen actually showed “Ben: 90 Diana: 89” ?
    I have a picture on my phone of it, actually.

  3. David, I was wondering what your thoughts were (having followed it since its incredible launch in 2009), do you think Ten would be happy with this season?

    Compared to 2015 and 2016 (where the majority of episodes were over 1m), it didn’t achieve that this season?

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