Oops. MasterChef scores reveal Ben 90, Diana 89.

Endemol Shine editors have made a major boo-boo by letting fake scores slip through the final edit of MasterChef Australia.

On Monday a group shot indicated a final score of 90 points for Ben over 89 for Diana.

But the judges awarded 90 to Diana and 89 to Ben (pic below).

The error is the result of 2 alternate endings filmed for the TEN reality show.

On Monday Matt Preston explained, “We re-create the final reveal of the scores, complete with the same scorecards, so they actually stand there with their loved ones and get to watch the real thing unfold.”

The shot with the fake scores is believed to have been dropped from the edition available through tenplay.


  1. I thought similar to cronker. But I’ve also considered that the just stuffed up the ending because they filmed two of them. This story makes me wonder the same thing all over again. Is it possible someone made a mistake in the editing room? I can’t see any other reason for the lousy scores, based on the judges comments. Diana- thick filling for her mandarin, didn’t cut nicely, layers smooshed together. Ben- pear coating a bit thick but it still cut well, beautiful layers. It’s an oxymoron and does nothing to help the credibility of the show.

  2. You can look at it two ways, do they make a fake ending to keep the winner secret or do they make two alternate endings and then decide who they want to win based on marketability. I always thought it was the former, but that wired score from Matt on Monday makes me think the later.

    • jezza the first original one

      As much as I am a Diana fan, I thought that final 9 from Matt did not ring true. It didn’t reflect his comments or the general consensus of the fellow judges especially the guest chef. Comments and scores have been very consistent all series from all 3 judges, there is a bit of a backlash on social media. I still think that Diana won the day overall as Ben continued in ice cream overload. But that final 9 was well err…..

  3. Maybe it’s because I now know clearly as the viewer that alternate endings have been filmed, but I truly felt the announcement of the winner and the reaction by the contestants and people around them to be a bit underwhelmed….as if they all knew that they had to act out their reactions since it wasn’t real. It just didn’t feel authentic or the emotions genuine. Perhaps it’s time for them to come up with another way to do this?

    • The obvious way to do it is to make it a blind judgment.
      My thoughts are that it was probably a tie in the end, and the producers had to go back and say “who is going to change their score?”

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