Returning: Australian Survivor

TEN has confirmed the return of Australian Survivor and excitingly announced a Live finale and reunion in response to fan feedback.

It will launch at 7.30pm on Sunday 30 July, now shaping up as a big night of TV, given The Block is also confirmed.

Jonathan LaPaglia returns as host with 24 contestants competing for a whopping $500,000 prize. The Live finale will include all 24 contestants returning for the winner announcement, in front of an audience.

“I wasn’t sure how we were going to top last year but I think we will. Everything is bigger and rougher and wilder than before. We have come up with some epic challenges to put our contestants through and there are some serious game players in here,” said LaPaglia.

“We have got a great bunch of contestants who represent a good cross-section of Australia and I think the audiences are going to love it even more than last time.

“There’s still that element of mateship and loyalty that’s such an important part of Australia’s social fabric that really gets the contestants struggling because of the nature of the show. And there’s a lot of fun seeing some of these big game players really go all out.

“Last year we had a tough group of competitors and it’s hard to beat such a huge series and especially that final Immunity Challenge seeing the underdog Kristie come through. It’s going to be a tough one to beat but I think we’re going to do it,” he said.

7:30pm Sunday 30 July on TEN.


  1. Agree @dede, Australian Survivor is padded out far too much, like most Australian reality shows these days. I gave it away after 2 weeks and I won’t bother with it this year unless they get a good editor. Love the US format, once a week and sharp episodes so you never feel the need to switch channels or pick up your ipad.

  2. God bless Ten and the team behind Survivor for bringing this back, with a live finale and reunion as the cherry on the cake! I hope they have the same camera crew – that was magnificently beautiful to watch last season.

  3. Having a reunion is fantastic!! So good!!

    Closest we came last year was that Family Feud special with 8 of the contestants. The finale ended way too abruptly last year

  4. So excited about this. The team behind it genuinely seem to want to get this right (even more so than the excellent first year) and the live finale is terrific news. Can’t wait.

  5. Good things about Australian Survivor were 1) no live finale section preceded by people on the island looking at each other like they have been ripped off; and 2) no reunion where people mostly make up and change things they said on the island after seeing themselves in TV. Both gone and replaced with not reality.

    • Well you are in the minority there I’m afraid. The whole reason Australian Survivor is introducing the reunion is because the vast majority of fans were requesting that they do it.

      • Maybe I am. Does not mean it’s not fake. Opinion built up over watching all seasons of survivor. Watched more than a few reunions but at some point it all Becomes the same and stopped.

  6. Callender marked and I am pumped to watch. And yay for the Finale/Reunion shows (SurvivorNZ did a Live Finale and while it wasn’t the best, was cool to have one for it)

  7. It should start at 7pm like The Block. Also my guess it will air over 3 nights Sun-Tues then The Bachelor will start on Wed & Thurs.

  8. I hope they’re not burning three episodes a week again. It was too hard to keep up with. US Survivor starts Sept 27th so it will be a hard slog watching four hours a week. They also need to keep the episodes tighter than last year. An hour a night is long enough (yes, I know it’s all about the ad breaks!)

    • wellinmyopinion

      I don’t agree. Give me more, more, more Survivor!! I like the Oz format as it gives you greater insight into the game plays and plots. I sometimes find the US version a little too light and it seems over before it starts.
      I could watch this show all day every day and still be happy so i am a little bias in that way. i understand it is not for everyone.

      • Agree. Three nights a week was good but last year each ep could have been edited down to 1 hr instead. There was a bit of padding to be honest.

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