Returning: True Story with Hamish & Andy

True Story with Hamish & Andy returns with five new episodes next month, moving to 8:40pm Tuesdays.

The first new episode features Kat Stewart, joined by Sam Pang, David Roberts, Heidi Arena, John Batchelor, Dave Lawson and TJ Power.

There are 5 more episodes to come.

In Episode Six we meet Tracy (played by Kat Stewart), an experienced hotelier, renowned for managing high-class luxury hotels and super-rich clientele. For nine years Tracy was the general manager of an exclusive five-star resort in Bali, where she was not only boss but also mother figure to her 200+ Balinese staff.

While Tracy is running this resort a wealthy American couple arrive for their private wedding. But what is meant to be the most special day of their lives turns out to be the most memorable for all the wrong reasons. And it’s Tracy who is left to clean up a very expensive mess.

Each of the first five episodes has been watched by more than 2.2 million viewers (including encore screenings), making True Story one of the most talked about programs in recent years.

In each half-hour episode, Hamish and Andy meet one regular Australian storyteller who recounts their amazing, surprising, funny and above all true story, which is simultaneously recreated by a cast of Australia’s most renowned performers.

8:40pm Tuesday August 1 on Nine.


  1. I thought this would be held off until the final weeks of the ratings year? Perhaps returning to keep a ratings win momentum? I lost interest , but glad new formats are doing well

  2. Funny how little people in the general public understand about ratings. Hamish and Andy’s Facebook page recently just posted the new time and night of the show and a few comments on the post by fans claimed it must be doing bad in ratings to be in a later time slot. Haha. 8.40 is still primetime people!

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