Seven apologises for Yassmin poll

Yahoo7 has apologised for an online poll which asked if former ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied should leave the country or “face her critics”.

Abdele-Magied recently announced she was moving to London after ongoing criticisms, which followed headlines surrounding controversial views expressed on social media and Q&A.

The poll on the Seven News Facebook page asked “Do you support her decision to move to London or do you think she should stay and face her critics?”

But many questioned the decision to pose the question and accused Yahoo7 of contributing to online bullying.

Abdel-Magied told News Corp, “This is more a reflection of Channel 7’s poor editorial decision-making than anything else.

“The outlet’s profiling of me in this way invites prejudice and discrimination. It’s pretty trashy click-bait.”

Yahoo7 apologised in a statement, saying, “The poll regarding Yassmin Abdel-Magied was posted by the Yahoo7 online news team, which administers the 7News Australia Facebook page, together with 7News.

“It was posted to genuinely create discussion around a balanced article and it was never the intention to generate inappropriate commentary on social media.

“We accept this was an error of judgment, the post has been removed and we unreservedly apologise to anyone offended.”


  1. Whether she goes or stays is of no consequence to most people….but she really did learn a valuable lesson, that for someone who wants to earn their living being in the public eye, words can have serious consequences…..she’ll know how to step lightly in future.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    Very sad…I really enjoyed this young woman on Australia Wide…such a breath of fresh air….How sad she feels she has to leave her country that has been her home since she was a toddler….
    It is also sad people can no longer have an opinion…without hoards of keyboard warriors jumping all over them……little sensible discussion…just vitriol…. 🙁

  3. Soon well be apologising for apologising. I’m sure if this poll was about Trump, no one would be apologising, so not sure what differentiates this case (admittedly this an extreme comparison to make)

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