So You Think You Can Dance US… now that’s a promo!

Behold a stunning promo with 98 dancers for Season 14.


Season 14 of So You Think You Can Dance has released a stunning promo with 98 dancers in an elaborately-directed sequence filmed at  California State University Northridge.

This is so ‘on trend’ it’s ridiculous….

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  1. I have already started watching this by sourcing it through other means than FTA. It’s great that after a few terrible gimmicky seasons (Street vs Stage, 8-13 yr old) with lacklustre judges (eg. Jason Derulo & Paula Abdul)… it has finally gone back to basics. Nigel, Mary and the delightful inclusion of High School Musical & Grease Live star Vanessa Hudgens make for a great team. It’s back to its best ?

  2. I said it before and I will say it again – what athletes these dancers are.

    Can’t dance to save myself, but I can watch these dancers all day.

    I don’t have pay TV, is a new series coming to FTA TV soon?

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