Stan adds new pricing tier

Following on from a Netflix price hike, Stan has now modified its pricing plans too by introducing a third level for new customers.

Stan is now charging monthly fees:

$10 Basic
$12 Standard
$15 Premium

The new $10 Basic comes in SD only with 1 screen at a time and 1 mobile or tablet for downloading. This effectively means the Standard plan has risen from $10 to $12 a month, with HD, 3 screens at a time and 3 mobiles or tablets for downloading.

EFTM reports┬áthe price and quality change may not apply to existing customers, at least not as yet. It’s unclear if that will alter given Netflix indicated its new prices for new subscribers would be rolled out to current subscribers soonish….

The Premium remains unchanged at $15 a month with 4 screens at the same time, 5 mobile or tablets for downloading and the very sexy 4K Ultra High Definition.

Stan still offers a 1 month free trial and no contracts which is very appealing.

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